Helluva Hound

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Helluva Hound is a new adult game, where you encounter a very dominant hellhound, in hell.

After not living the most pure life imaginable, you’re sent down to the depths of hell. You’ll need to satisfy this hellhound in order to keep your soul! This hellhound loves her ass being played with. Spank, lick, and pound this dominant doggo in 3 unique dialog encounters, until she’s satisfied. The release version is anal only!

This game is still actively being worked on and features will continue to be added. The game is for Android, Windows and MacOS. You can try a free demo here:

For MacOS Users: You must right click the executable and click open from the menu for the first time to allow an unknown developer app to run.

What’s new in 0.5?

  • Fully voice acted breeding mode with subtitles
  • A new feature – ‘Limit Break’ – Lick the hellhound during vaginal over 10 times before she reaches her limit to break the pleasure bar, activating deeper moans, a louder orgasm, and extra hidden dialog in each of the 3 encounters. Licking during anal is now available but there is no limit break.
  • 24 new spoken lines to find over 3 vaginal dialog encounters, each with differences when Hard Dom / Soft dom is toggled.
  • Xray has been fixed to keep the cum visible, and more cum times before cleaning = more cum visible
  • New silly easter egg code

The 0.3 update adds the following:

  • Blitzo can be activated with an easter egg code. He will pop up and bug you before and after the action. He has a total of 8 dialogs to hear.
  • New internal view toggle. To enable the internal view, please find the new button at the top of the game. Internal can be turned off and on at any time, aside from when finishing or while she has her phone out (The button will disappear for those moments)
  • There are a few more nipple piercings added

0.2 Update adds the following:

  • Head patting is now added, with reaction dialog
  • Boob Rubbing is now added
  • Butt licking now has all the reaction dialog
  • Butt slapping has a reaction
  • Futa (Both pale and furry options) are now available. The game is moved upward when this setting is on, so you’re able to see a bit more of it.
  • Some new accessories: Panty to the side options, Christmas set, New earrings
  • Fixed the missing shading on Loona’s mouth when talking
  • Some other minor fixes, purchased a license for Adobe Air Harman using Supporter funds (Thank you!), so the splash doesn’t appear on new game versions, etc.

The game releases with the current features:

  • 3 complete, Interactions with multiple variations: Hard Dom, Soft Dom, Disinterested Toggle, and Limited Dialog mode.
  • Fully subtitled in English
  • Lots of voice acting by the amazing SultryLampVA
  • Vibration choreographed to the action on mobile devices
  • Kissing, Ass-licking, and Spanking
  • Over 50 accessory options including bras, boobs, eyes, glasses, and more.
  • Pale, Furry and Imp guy body modes + transparent mode
  • 4 possible endings

There will be small updates that bring new accessories and mods, and large updates in the future that will bring vaginal and oral modes.

Your support on this game will further development, and you’ll see more modes, accessories and more release in time!

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